Another Obamacare Delay; New Fox Polls on Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie; Obama Approval at All Time Low

President Obama holds a town hall on Latinos and the Affordable Care Act at 11:35 today. We'll have a live stream, and will be listening for news.

There's news on Obamacare today too.

The Obama administration announced it has rewritten an bunch of far-reaching rules under the Affordable Care Act, the most significant of which will let people keep bare-bones health insurance policies for three more years. It denied any political motivation, and said the delays would effect a relatively small number of people.

On a call late yesterday, The Obama Administration said it didn't expect more big changes ahead of 2015, and that there were no more major issues that needed to be resolved. Republicans are likely to beg to differ.

Republican Darrell Issa called it, "a cynical ploy that delays thousands of insurance policy cancellations until after the elections."

The Conservative Political Action Conference known as CPAC begins today near DC. During our hours we get a speech from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Carl Cameron reporting.

Lots of new Fox News Polls to tell you about and digest with guests. President Obama's approval ratings hit a new low. Hillary Clinton continues to dominate the Democratic field, and 50% say she'd make a good president. NJ Governor Chris Christie has taken a big hit. Just 24% say he'd make a good president.

On the subject of Hillary Clinton, she's getting some criticism for comments comparing Vladimir Putin to Hitler. We may be seeing the beginning of Hillary and Obama policies splitting.

Congress preparing sanctions against Russia for its actions in Ukraine. A vote in Senate could come as early as next week.

The State Department accused Putin of lying over and over again including about the initial incursion into Ukraine. Harsh words from the diplomatic community.

Meantime, an emergency session by the EU will begin today where sanctions are also on the table.

The new leader of the Crimea region of Ukraine says pro-Russia forces are in control. Most of the 11,000 troops involved appear to be Russian soldiers despite claims by locals and by the Russians that they haven't invaded. Crimea lawmakers set a referendum today to ask the population of the region of Ukraine's citizens if they want to split from Ukraine and join Russia.

David Lee Miller continues his reporting on the terror trial of Usama bin Laden's son-in-law.

Our man in Pretoria, Paul Tilsley reports for us from just outside the courtroom in the murder trial of Olympian Oscar Pistorius. The focus today is on the day model-girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was murdered on Valentine's Day of 2013. Pistorius fired four bullets through a closed bathroom door at Steenkamp. He says in self-defense.

A married couple in their 60's is now accused of murdering a socialite in Aspen. That socialite is the 57 year old ex of Michael Douglas Nancy Pfister. The couple accused of killing her are her former tenants! Patti Ann Browne will fill us in.

There are also several hearings we should keep an eye on today:

...0900EST -- House Foreign Affairs Cmte holds hearing on US Policy toward Ukraine. Deputy Asst Secy of State in the Bureau of European & Eurasian Affairs Eric Rubin testifies. LIVE

0930EST -- House Ways & Means Cmte holds hearing on "The President's FY2015 Budget Proposal." Treasury Secy Lew testifies. LIVE

1000EST -- House Armed Services Cmte holds hearing on "The FY2015 National Defense Authorization Budget Request from the Dept of Defense." Secy Hagel and Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Dempsey testify. LIVE

1100EST -- Senate Foreign Relations Cmte meets to discuss the growing threat of terrorism in the Middle East as a result of the Syria Crisis. Deputy Secy of State William Burns, Asst Secy of Defense for Intl Security Affairs Derek Chollet, NCTC dir Matthew Olsen, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies sr fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy's Matthew Levitt testify. LIVE

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