Growing Crisis Over Ukraine - What's Putin's Next Move?

Top diplomats meeting today in Paris. Envoys from The United States, Russia, Ukraine, Britain and France will hold meetings on the growing crisis over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The session had originally been meant to discuss Syria's civil war, but that issue has been sidelined by the current European crisis. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is there. He's also meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister and will hold a news conference during our show which we will take live. In Brussels, Russia has agreed to a NATO request for a meeting on Ukraine.

1100EST -- Meeting with Russian FM Lavrov, at the Russian Ambassador's Residence. POOL TAPE SPRAY

1205EST -- Depart Russian Ambassador's Residence ert Chief of Mission Residence.

1245EST -- Secy Kerry Press Avail, at the CMR.

President Obama heads to Connecticut today to speak on raising the minimum wage.. a priority for his second term.

There's an oversight hearing today on the alleged political targeting of groups by the IRS. Lois Lerner is expected to be there, but it is not clear she will testify. She may take the 5th. Mike Emanuel reporting.

There's also a hearing into the Pentagon budget - the first since big cuts were announced. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel testifies. It starts at 9:30am. Jennifer Griffin reporting.

We get a couple reads on the economy today including the ADP Employment report. Markets surged yesterday sending the S&P to a new record high.

Gay couples in Illinois can now get legally married. The IL Attorney General says county clerks should start handing out marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Illinois legalized gay marriage, but it wasn't supposed to take effect until June.

The trial of the husband of Usama bin Laden's eldest daughter begins today. He's accused of conspiring to kill Americans after the terror attacks of Nine-Eleven.

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial resuming today with testimony from another neighbor that heard screams the night Pistorius allegedly killed his model wife Reeva Steenkamp. Greg Palkot reporting.

The outrageous story of the 18 year old girl suing her parents for support has some updates. Rachel Canning sued to get support for living expenses, health care and attorney's fees. A judge ruled yesterday afternoon that Canning was not entitled to support in a stinging smackdown. April 22 there is a hearing to decide whether her parents will be forced to pay her college tuition.

There's a disturbing new report by the CDC on the overuse of antibiotics. Jonathan Serrie reporting.

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