Time Reports WH Considered Scrapping; Is Russia Behind New Ukraine Tensions?

Time magazine reporting today the White House considered scrapping entirely in the weeks after its launch. It was apparently that bad. We'll get into it with guests.

WSJ reporting today that health care insurers are rushing to gather health information from the new customers they won on public marketplaces. The Journal calling it "a high-stakes outreach effort crucial to their hopes of profiting from the health-care law."

The House GOP leadership is holding a hearing on alternatives to Obamacare at 10am. We'll monitor for sound.

Mike Emanuel is reporting today on the IRS targeting scandal as most of the media has moved on.

We get several reads on the economy today including numbers on GDP, consumer sentiment and pending home sales. The S&P closed at a new record high yesterday and February has turned out to be a good month for many investors.

Torrential rain on the California coast and snow in the CA mountains bringing some welcome moisture, but also creating headaches for residents there. Adam Housley reporting.

Tensions continue to rise in Ukraine as it appears the Russian military has effectively occupied a Ukrainian military airport in the pro-Russia region of Crimea. Ukraine's interior ministry calling it an occupation. Russia's not saying much about it. The ousted former president set to hold a news conference today. Secretary of State John Kerry says Russia has told the United States that it will respect the sovereignty of Ukraine and that its military exercises near the Russian-Ukraine border are not a prelude to an intervention.

Ukraine's parliament has asked the U.N. to get involved. They are also asking for financial help from the West. Ministers from the EU are meeting in Athens today and will reportedly address the situation in Ukraine as well as trade issues. Unemployment in the EU is holding steady at the high level of 12%.

The Russians have put a prominent corruption crusaders under house arrest as they continue to crack down on civil liberties.

The U.S. government is warning as the U.S. and NATO are making plans to exit Afghanistan that Al Qaeda is laying the groundwork to re-launch inside Afghanistan. The U.S. has stepped up drone and jet attacks on suspected terrorists in Afghanistan.

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- Clint Henderson

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