Famous New York City designer and TV personality Betsey Johnson showed her Fall 2014 collection earlier this month at New York Fashion Week.

The collection was called "Hot", and there was certainly a boiling cauldron of color.

Johnson described the clothes as "Rihanna meets American Hustle." It was a mishmash of styles, colors and looks.

Johnson ended the show with typical flair.. cartwheeling down the runway with her family in tow.. ending up in a split.

It was quite a spectacle.

Photos are below.

Betsey even did a second runway show for Marist College. The second runway show, held right after the first, was called Marist XOX Betsey. Johnson got the "Silver Needle Icon Award" from Marist College in recognition of her longstanding commitment to educating and encouraging the next generation of fashion designers.

-Clint Henderson