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3-year-old Georgia girl credited with saving dad after 911 call

A 3-year-old Georgia girl helped save her father’s life Monday after he accidentally sliced his wrist with a machete while doing yard work, reported.

Shawn Powers, who severed four tendons in his right hand, was trying to cut down a tree at his Rockdale County home when he struck his wrist, the report said. He used his one hand to help stop the blood flow and asked his daughter Elisha to call 911.

"My only option is I got to see if she remembers what I told her. I told her to get the phone out of my back pocket and dial 911," Powers told the station. He said he had just taught the girl to call the emergency number months ago.

"Thank you Elisha. Elisha you're being very brave," Powers reportedly told his daughter during the 911 call.

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