Bigger Figures for Obamacare Enrollment From the White House, but Is It Enough?

New numbers on Obamacare enrollments.

President Obama said last night at an Organizing for Action event that 4 million had signed up for private insurance under the health care exchanges. That's a jump from numbers earlier this week of 3.3 million. It's still, however, a far cry from floated estimates of 7 million that were the stated goal by the end of this month.

The White House is in the midst of a big push to get folks signed up, and the President admitted last night that for a long time, the website didn't work. Several Congressional leaders are going to hold a news conference at 11:30 today to extoll the law's benefits. (at 11:30am).

President Obama is travelling to St Paul, Minnesota today to give another speech on the economy (a big push this week).

Carl Cameron reporting for us today on the possibility of Hillary Clinton facing some stiff competition for the Democratic nomination for President in 2016. It's become clear that Clinton will not be the only person running (if she does run! ).

Casey Stegall reporting on the push to make Dallas the Republican nominating city for 2016.

Lots going on Capitol Hill today. There are several hearings we'll be keeping a close eye on.

Including two into the alleged politicization of the IRS.

1000EST -- House Appropriations Subcmte on Financial Services & General Govt holds hearing on IRS oversight. IRS Cmsner John Koskinen, Treasury Inspector Gen for Tax Administration J. Russell George, and IRS Natl Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson testify. LIVE

1330EST -- House Oversight Subcmte on Economic Growth, Job Creation, and Regulatory Affairs holds hearing on the Obama Admin's investigation of the IRS targeting scandal.

There's also several hearings into potential executive overreach.

1000EST -- House Judiciary Cmte holds hearing on Enforcing the President's Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws.

1100EST -- Dr. Larry Kawa, a FL Orthodontist who filed a lawsuit against the Secy Lew, the Treasury Dept, and the IRS over the presidential executive order that canceled the congressionally approved ACA employer mandate, saying the order is illegal, participates in a press conference to discuss what he calls the Obama Admin's "Executive Order Disorder."

We get new reports on the economy today including new homes sales.

The White House has ordered the Pentagon to begin planning for a full withdrawal from Afghanistan of all U.S. troops (as we first reported during the show yesterday). IT's seen as a way to pressure Karzai to sign a troop agreement to keep U.S. forces in the country after 2014, but some analysts think it could end up meaning no more U.S. forces there.

Russia is doing some saber rattling today. Putin has ordered combat readiness drills across Russia as Ukraine continues to boil. There are growing fears Ukraine could end up splitting along pro and anti-Western lines. Greg Palkot reporting.

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