President Obama Addresses Nation's Governors on Executive Orders & Obamacare

President Obama and the First Lady are addressing U.S.

governors at 11am at the White House. The President expected to ask for

governors of both parties' cooperation in dealing with a Congress that isn't

doing much but the basics. The President is expected to continue to push

Obamacare, and may find governors who've been implementing the program a

slightly more receptive audience.

National Security Advisor Susan Rice was back on "Meet the

Press" yesterday for the first time since 2012, and her now-infamous

description of the Benghazi attack that left 4 Americans dead. Rice says

she has no regrets about the way she characterized the attack as a spontaneous

demonstration gone wild. She said she was sharing the most-current information the

Administration had at the time. Rice also says the investigation is ongoing.

Senator John McCain suggested Rice's comments were ridiculous.

We are awaiting some important rulings by the Supreme Court

today on several major cases. This as the justices are expected to hear

arguments in challenges to the President's use of Executive Orders..

specifically in the enforcement of tough EPA standards. Shannon Bream


A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Ukrainian

President Viktor Yanukovych and several other government officials after

Yanukovych fled and was ousted from government. Months of violent protests left

dozens dead in Kiev, and the pressure finally succeeded in getting Yanukovych

to flee over the weekend. Now the world awaits as power shifts there, and

wonders what Russia's next move is going to be.

The U.S. has demanded Russia stay out of the neighboring

country. Amy Kellogg reporting.

Russia, meantime, has reportedly arrested dozens of people

outside a courthouse where anti-government protesters are expected to be

sentenced today. The repression by Vladimir Putin on his people continues


We are also keeping a close eye on Venezuela where violent

protests have left six dead. A jailed protest leader is urging protests to

continue against the repressive regime of Nicolas Maduro. Steve Harrigan


Uganda's President is expected to sign a major anti-gay bill

today that further criminalizes homosexuality. Violence against gay people is

rampant in Uganda.

The Associated Press reports today the Coast Guard has its

hands full with drug and people smugglers who are increasingly turning to the

ocean to bring contraband into the U.S.

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