New Shoe Bomb Plot Has Travelers Nervous; Markets Also Nervous on Possible Fed Moves

New terror fears today after Homeland Security warned of credible evidence suggesting terrorists might be planning to use shoe bombs to target airplanes bound for the U.S. There will be extra scrutiny of passengers, and especially shoes at airports and on planes. The intel suggests terrorists want to return to a favorite tactic.. hijacking planes. Steve Centanni reporting.

New numbers on Obamacare enrollment in California show a surge of signups. More than 800,000 have now signed up on the state exchanges. But there's a growing problem with signups in the Golden state.. which we touched on in the show yesterday. The state's Hispanics aren't signing up in the numbers officials are hoping for.. it's a problem across the country.

The European Union is holding a special meeting on what to do about Ukraine as violence there continues despite a truce. Yesterday the government and protesters declared a truce after a major escalation of violence earlier in the week. The death toll in Kiev alone now at least 50.

Among the possible punishments for the pro-Russian government by the EU and the U.S.? Sanctions. Russia has said the West should mind its own business.

Peter Doocy reports on a new obstacle to the Keystone pipeline.

We get several reports on the economy today including the weekly jobless #'s and a report on manufacturing. They come as reports surface the Federal Reserve could start raising interest rates sooner than expected.

A winning $425M Powerball ticket was sold in California. Someone is really lucky today.

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