Russia Blames American-Influenced "Terrorists" for Deadly Unrest in Ukraine

We've got a rapidly deteriorating situation in Ukraine. It started with a government decision to clear protesters from a square in Kiev that's been the center of protests against the pro-Russia government for months. It rapidly turned violent. At least 25 are dead. It is now clear that the Ukrainian leaders have decided a crackdown is the best way to deal with protesters who've been demanding the resignation of the President as he's tried to turn the country away from the EU and towards Russia. Today, The U.S. and Europe are demanding an end to the violence. Russia blames American-influenced "terrorists" for the violence.

President Obama travels to Mexico for a state visit today.

There's growing evidence the President is being stymied on several big issues related to Mexico.. including comprehensive immigration reform and expanding trade deals. GOP opposed to the immigration overhaul, and Dems are opposed to his free trade deals.

Ed Henry reports on the failure of U.S. policy in Syria, with talks on ending the civil war collapsing.

The CBO is out with new numbers that suggest a rise in the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour (endorsed by President Obama) would lead to the loss of half a million jobs.

Doug McKelway is looking into the desperate situation for California in the midst of a severe drought. Happening Now friend Phil Flynn is going to talk about the dramatic rise of food prices we can expect this year (partly as a result of that drought).

More snow for parts of the Northeastern U.S. again today.

In New York City, as temperatures have warmed, the danger now is falling ice. Ice is falling off skyscrapers posing a big threat to pedestrians.

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