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Family of man who died at sea want to meet castaway who apparently survived 13-month journey

The family of a man who died on a fishing boat says they still have unanswered questions after talking to an El Salvadoran castaway who was with him and apparently survived for 13 months at sea.

The El Paso Times reports Saturday ( ) that Nicolas Cordova Cruz, the father of 23-year-old Ezequiel Cordova Rios, wants to meet Jose Salvador Alvarenga.

Cruz, who lives in Mexico, says he spoke to Alvarenga on the phone and the man asked for forgiveness. But he says he wants more details about why his son died.

Alvarenga's boat washed up on the Marshall Islands earlier this month. He has said he survived by eating raw fish, turtles and seagulls. Cordoba died after about a month when he couldn't eat the animals, Alvarenga has said.

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