White House Makes Big Push on Obamacare; Terror Warning for Russian Olympics

The White House is undertaking a full court press to sign up young and health people in Obamacare. The Obama Administration has sent out an army of workers and volunteers to try and get the young and healthy to get covered.

The Kaiser Family Foundation says 40% of those who enroll need to be young and healthy to make up for the old and sick in the coverage pool. So far, signups aren't going as well as once hoped. Meantime, there is a dearth of advertisement supporting the health care overhaul.

President Obama heads to Michigan State University today where he'll sign the much-delayed farm bill.

We're keeping a close eye on the markets and the economy today as we await the January jobs numbers. Analysts are expecting 170,000 jobs were added and the unemployment rate to remain unchanged at 6.7%

Another storm pounding Oregon and Washington today.

Power is still out for hundreds of thousands in Pennsylvania today after a series of snow and ice storms.

The Winter Olympics now underway. There's a terror warning for Americans traveling to the Games to be careful while in Russia. Flights to Russia from the U.S. are getting extra scrutiny as a threat emerged that terrorists might use toothpaste or cosmetic containers to make bombs.

Meantime, the reports of conditions at the games' hotels are gross. Keep an eye out for subtle protests during the ceremonies and games with athletes and spectators drawing attention to Russia's anti-gay civil rights abuses.

The Associated Press reports U.S. officials believe Russia leaked a private conversation between two senior State Department officials. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was heard using an epithet aimed at the EU over Ukraine.

Reuters reports The U.S. Defense Department plans to ask Congress for $4.5 billion in extra missile defense funding. Star Wars sounding like more of a priority and a reality!

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-Clint Henderson

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