IRS Targeting Back in the Headlines as Renewed Bonuses Draw Fire

There’s a hearing today from the House Oversight and

Government Reform Subcommittee into potential IRS political targeting. Mike

Emanuel reports. Meantime, the IRS is reinstating bonuses drawing fire from

some politicians.

The Wall Street Journal reports today on the controversy

over those new CBO numbers on the impact of the Affordable Care Act. Both

sides trying to spin the news. The Wall Street Journal also reporting on the

growing pressure on health care insurers to beef up the plans and doctor choices

they allow under Obamacare.

More than a million people lost power over the past few days

as a barrage of winter storms took a toll on power lines and plants. Nearly

half a million remain without power in PA and officials say it could take days

to restore power.. Thousands of flights were cancelled and there were also many

accidents. Weather remains an important story.

The FAA is examining hundreds of airport control towers

after an incident last September where lightning struck a tower at Baltimore’s


We’ll keep a close eye on the markets today, and on the

weekly jobless #’s in light of growing fears about a worldwide economic

slowdown. Tomorrow we get the first look at January jobs numbers.

Today is the National Prayer Breakfast with a bipartisan

gathering and talk on religion. President Obama will attend.

There’s also a discussion on Iran & the bomb with

Senator Ted Cruz and former CIA Director James Woolsey.

Doug McKelway taking a look at new threats of terror on this

opening ceremonies day for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. There are

warnings terrorists could be targeting planes with toothpaste or cosmetic

container bombs. James Rosen uses it as an opportunity to look at U.S. Russia

relations. Hopefully he’ll mention the growing civil rights abuses of Russia.

The only road into Valdez, Alaska has reopened after that

avalanche two weeks ago cut off the town.

GI Joe turns 50 today! We’ll celebrate with a nod to the

greatest American hero in the G block!

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