Pres Obama vs O'Reilly Part II; Democrats Increasingly Worried About 2014 Midterms

President Obama and Bill O'Reilly squared off again last night. They got to some of the fundamental differences in the two men's world views. They talked Keystone pipeline, racial inequality and problems with the American family, and President Obama reiterated his view that Fox was unfair to him. We'll have analysis and play some of the sound.

The Wall Street Journal reports today on the growing fear among Democrats facing reelection this year, and the distance they are putting between themselves and the President.

#SnowOverIt. Another snowstorm making a mess of the Midwest today as the East Coast digs out from yesterday's dumping of snow and ice. Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas and Missouri to take a hit today, and that snow is expected on the East Coast on Wednesday.

Stock futures are pointing to a higher open today after a horrible day on Wall Street yesterday (and last month!). Yesterday the Dow fell by 2% - 326 points. The Dow is down 7% this year. We get a new report on factory orders at 10am. We'll get an update from Lauren Simonetti.

The Senate is expected to pass the five-year farm bill, and send it to the President for his signature. It's a $100billion bill that cuts food stamps slightly and cuts some subsidies to farmers. But it also allows for new subsidies for farmers who suffer losses.

A federal judge set to hear arguments over whether Virginia's ban on gay marriage is constitutional.

There's another credit card security breach to talk about today. Some Marriott, Renaissance, and Radisson Hotel customers data were compromised. Meantime, Target's CFO is testifying today about the security breach that left tens of thousands of its customers data stolen at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. We have a hacker guest booked and Doug McKelway reporting.

President Obama visits a classroom in Maryland today, and at 11:30 speaks about getting next gen broadband and wireless technology into 99% of schools.

Jennifer Griffin reports today on the threats from around the world the U.S. is facing. There are hearings in two House committees at 10am with testimony expected on Iran, Syria, North Korea and the state of Al Qaeda. There's also a hearing in the Senate into Iran as some Senators have threatened to impose new sanctions against Iran despite threats from a veto from the White House.

Greg Palkot reporting on the threat from foreign nationals travelling to Syria to fight with al Qaeda linked groups there.

Law enforcement witnesses took the stand in the murder trial of Amanda Hayes described the search for the body of the woman Hayes is accused of killing. Witnesses described searching a murky, alligator infested creek in Texas for the body.

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