New Polling Shows Hillary Clinton As Obvious Front-Runner in 2016; Christie Takes a Hit

Georgia officials say it's still not completely safe to drive in the Atlanta area. Temperatures are expected to be below freezing after sunset which could lead to black ice on the roads. Georgia officials are getting a lot of criticism over their handling of the winter storm on tuesday. School districts, governments, and offices will remain closed today. Today we'll hear some personal stories.

President Obama is speaking on the economy during our hours today. He's in Wisconsin.

1100EST -- Air Force One arrives General Mitchell Intl Airport. Milwaukee, WI. WITI LIVE / POOL TAPE

1140EST -- POTUS tours General Electric's Waukesha Gas Engines. Waukesha, WI. POOL TAPE

1220EST -- POTUS makes remarks on the economy at General Electric's Waukesha Gas Engines. Waukesha, WI. LIVE

The Grand Old Party is in Maryland today for a conference on the future of the Republican party. Republicans are set to unveil proposals for dealing with immigration today including a possible path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants. They'll also be crafting messaging for the 2014 midterms and beyond. Mike Emanuel reporting.

Carl Cameron is taking a look at the 2014 state of play today.

New polling out from Washington Post and ABC News shows Hillary Clinton remains a huge threat for 2016. It also shows NJ Governor Chris Christie has taken a big hit over the swirling scandal over traffic headaches on the George Washington Bridge. Clinton trounces her potential primary rivals with 73 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents. Christie's approval ratings have fallen substantially. The Washington Post points to a potential problem for the GOP "No candidate has broad backing from both tea party activists and mainline Republicans, signaling potential fissures when the GOP picks a standard-bearer in 2016."

We get fourth quarter GDP numbers today (which includes Christmas spending). Analysts expect growth of 3.3%.. which would be the strongest growth since the end of the recession back in 2009.

The beleaguered president of Ukraine is sick. Viktor Yanukovych has a fever and an acute respiratory illness. Protesters are demanding his resignation. Yanukovych has tried to move Ukraine into Russia's orbit and launched a crackdown on civil liberties that has infuriated many Ukrainians.

The New York Times reports today that Russia tested a new ground-based cruise missile in violation of the 1987 arms control treaty.

A verdict is expected today in the retrial of American Amanda Knox in Florence, Italy.

A 15 year old Massachusetts boy charged with brutally attacking and killing his math teacher in due in court today for arraignment on a second rape charge.

Justin Bieber in yet more trouble today. He's been charged in Toronto with assaulting a limo driver last month. You'll remember last week he was charged with drunk drag racing in Miami Beach. And just before that, police in L.A. raided his Southern California home over an egging incident.

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