New Reaction to State of the Union - Year of Action by President Obama?

Lots to wade through from the President's State of the Union address last night.

The President called for a higher minimum wage, and demanded Congress create jobs, overhaul immigration laws and combat climate change. He also threatened to unilaterally act via executive order if Congress won't. That's going over like a lead balloon.

Conservative pundits said it was embarrassing, empty and boring. Liberals called it moving and playful. We report. You decide.

Meantime the President travels to Maryland today for a speech on the minimum wage at a Costco in Lanham.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel meeting with top nuke officials today as a cheating scandal engulfs more nuclear missile military members. There's growing concerns about the safety of U.S. nuclear missile silos.

The Worldwide Threats Hearing is being held by the Senate Intel Committee. It's called the most important and public hearing of the year on our national security. Catherine Herridge reports.

We also get a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today into Americans' privacy and the NSA. Attorney General Eric Holder testifies. Mike Emanuel reports.

We're expecting a vote today on a farm bill that cuts food stamps and keeps generous subsidies for the nation's farmers.

A rare snowstorm leaving a mess of parts of the deep South. More than 900 car accidents, 100 injuries, and at least one death attributed to the storms. Meantime the deep freeze continues for much of the Midwest and Northeast.

A Carnival Cruise Line ship is due back in a New Jersey port today after more than 600 passengers and crew got sick from a stomach bug.

New York Congressman Michael Grimm in hot water after video from New York One went viral after the State of the Union Speech. Grimm didn't like the line of questioning from the reporter on a DOJ investigation into Grimm's campaign finances. He threatened to throw the reporter of the Capitol rotunda balcony while physically intimidating him. New York One demanding a full apology.

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