New Polling Obamacare; POTUS to Use Ex Action More?

New polling by Associated Press and GfK echoes what Fox News polls have shown.. that two-thirds of Americans say the new health care law isn't going well. 71% of those signing up or in a house where someone has tried to sign up have encountered problems. Despite that the number who've successfully signed up has jumped from 24 to 40 percent.

The Wall Street Journal reports President Obama's State of the Union speech should be interesting. It says the President will announce his intention to use unilateral presidential authority and bypassing Congress for many of his 2nd term goals including on immigration, climate change and education.

We could get a much-delayed farm bill sometime this week.

Mike Emanuel reports on the debate over the debt ceiling.

The New York Times looks ahead to the 2014 midterms and predicts Congress will remain run by two different parties. Here's the Times, "With the 2014 political landscape becoming more defined, it is increasingly likely that the midterm elections in November will maintain divided government in the capital for the final two years of President Obama's second term, with the chief unknown being exactly how divided it will be."

The Washington Post reports on the substantial campaign operation being built in Iowa.. by Democrats for Hillary Clinton.. even though she's not officially running.

The Washington Post reports on what cities are in the running to host the GOP convention.

There's a deep freeze today in the Midwest and it's spreading south and east. Be ready.

Another mall shooting left two people dead in Columbia, Maryland. The 19-year-old gunman killed two at the mall Saturday before killing himself. Police don't know the motive.

The price of a first-class letter jumps to 49 cents today.

Illness broke out on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship travelling from New Jersey. 281 folks were sickened.

There are new reports on corruption plaguing the coming Sochi Olympics in Russia. Add that to the list of problems which also include terrorism threats and negative attention because of Russia's anti-gay measures.

Protests are spreading and intensifying across Ukraine. The pro-Russia government is under fire and government buildings are being occupied in many Ukrainian cities. It comes amidst a crackdown on civil liberties and against pro-democracy protesters.

An earthquake in Greece has caused some damage.

Bad news for U.S./Afghan relations. The Afghans have released 37 prisoners the U.S. calls dangerous despite demands by the U.S. they remain held.

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