Feds suspend operations at NJ slaughterhouse, say animals were treated inhumanely

A New Jersey slaughterhouse is barred from processing meat after federal officials viewed secretly shot video showing animals being treated inhumanely.

The U.S. Agriculture Department on Friday temporarily suspended slaughtering operations at Catelli Brothers in Shrewsbury after determining the video documented two instances of inhumane treatment of animals that were to be slaughtered.

One cow had its neck slit and was bleeding profusely but was still conscious after being shot several times with a stun gun.

A calf was unable to walk, and was videotaped being dragged.

The Humane Society sent the video to federal officials. It calls the case "egregious."

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It must submit a plan to correct violations and prevent new ones before it can resume slaughtering animals.