Wed Jan 22, 2014 Happening Now

New concerns about the safety of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Hungary and other countries are reportedly receiving letters saying athletes will be targeted with terror attacks. We'll add a guest on this at 11:30.

The Northeast and parts of the Midwest digging out from a massive storm. Parts of the East Coast got more than a foot of snow. Now the bitter cold has settled over the area, and is expected to last for days. Many schools and businesses are closed, and hundreds of flights were cancelled. Rick Reichmtuh, Maria Molina, David Lee Miller, Molly Line, Adam Housley and Doug McKelway reporting.

The President and VP meet with some members of the President's Commission on Election Administration. There's a news conference after. We may take some of the tape playout.

There's an update on that breaking news we reported yesterday. According to police, the shooting on Purdue University's campus was a student named Cody Cousins who shot and killed a 21 year old teaching assistant named Andrew Bolt. Police aren't saying the motive.

Today is the 41st annual March for Life in DC marking the anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision. There is a Noon rally on the mall. Elizabeth Prann and Molly Henneberg reporting.

Carl Cameron reporting from Cedar Rapids on the GOP preps for the 2016 first in the nation caucus.

Jennifer Griffin reports on frightening security breaches turned up in an audit of the VA. Could vets stats be at risk?

Syrian peace talks starting in Geneva this Friday. Greg Palkot reports on the story one day after reports of horrific atrocities allegedly committed by Syrian police and government soldiers.

More clashes over restrictions on civil liberties in Ukraine today. Three protesters were killed yesterday during clashes with riot police despite a ban on protests.

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