New Fox Polling on Obama, Christie, Gay Marriage and Direction of Country

New polling out today by Fox News and others by AP/GFK.

The AP polls suggests Americans have decided President Obama is likeable, but most don't find him to be an above-average President. 58% say he's likeable to somewhat likeable, but folks are largely pessimistic about the country's direction and the economy.

That mirrors Fox News polling which suggests a majority of Americans think the economy is still in recession, and that President Obama's policies are at least, in part, to blame.

The President's approval rating is 42%. 53% disapprove.

62% are not satisfied with how things are going in the country.

NJ Governor Chris Christie, embroiled in the bridgegate controversy is taking a big hit over it in the new Fox News polls.

New suggestions by one the nation's largest health care insurers that insurance companies may in trouble.

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini telling CNBC that ObamaCare hasn't gotten the uninsured needed to make the program work, and discussed the possibility his company might have to pull out of the Affordable Care Act. Bertolini said, " Are they going to be double-digit (increases) or are we going to get beat up because they're double-digit or are we just going to have to pull out of the program?"

Uh oh.

Associated Press reporting today that a closely watched health care insurance survey suggests the rate of the uninsured for U.S. adults is down slightly. That may be a small bright spot for the White House on ObamaCare.

There's a deep freeze for much of the nation as temps plunge to single digits or below zero in some places. Molly Line reporting on working in this kind of weather from New Bedford, Massachusetts where she's tagging along with fisherman.

We get reads on existing home sales and weekly unemployment claims today.

The GOP rolling out its rising stars at a winter meeting in DC today. Mike Emanuel reports.

Will Carr reports on the return of Las Vegas.. boom town once again.

Michelle Obama to unveil a $41 million campaign with the restaurant chain Subway for healthy eating for kids.

The FDA says it's taking another look at caramel coloring used in sodas. It has declared the coloring safe, but new reports suggest there is too much of a carcinogen in some samples.

Virginia's Attorney General now says he won't enforce the state's ban on gay marriage. AG Mark Herring says it's unconstitutional.(According to Fox News polling, the country is evenly split on the question of gay marriage.. 47% say yes it should be legal, 47% say no it should not.)

Greg Palkot reporting on the deteriorating situation in Ukraine. The pro-Russia government is in the middle of a massive crackdown on civil liberties. Anti-government forces are protesting despite bans, and at least 3 have been killed. There is a 24 hour truce under way, but it expires soon. Activists promise to return to mass protests to stop the increasingly authoritarian government.

Peace talks off to a tense start in Geneva over Syria's civil war.

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