New Looks at 2014, 2016 Election Dynamics; Iran Deal

A six month interim deal has gone into effect with Iran. Reuters is reporting Iran stopped some uranium enrichment today as part of a deal that limits Iran's nuclear program while world powers work on a long term deal. In exchange for halting some enrichment, Iran gets about $7 billion in sanctions relief. Critics say the deal fails to deal with Iran's military nuke efforts.

The Syrian opposition is threatening to quit peace talks on the future of Syria if Iran's invitation by the U.N. isn't revoked.

There are new allegations Edward Snowden had help in stealing U.S. national security secrets. Congressmen Mike Rogers and Mike McCall said on "Meet the Press," and "This Week," that they didn't believe Snowden acted alone.

A kidnapped American being held in North Korea has appeared before reporters. Kennth Bae was arrested in November of 2012 while leading a tour in North Korea. He's asking for help from the U.S. government to secure his release.

A new video released by an Islamic terror group in Russia's Caucuses has two radicals threatening the Sochi Olympic Games with violence.

Violent clashes reported in Ukraine where the pro-Russia government continues to be under pressure.

China is staging military drills in the South China Sea where tensions are running high over territorial disputes.

A big earthquake shook New Zealand's lower North Island today knocking displays over and shaking items off shelves. No injuries. New Zealand's capital of Christchurch was badly damaged in a 2011 earthquake that left 185 dead.

The nation is remembering Martin Luther King Jr. today. The murdered civil rights leader was born on January 15th in 1929. The President and First Lady will participate in a service project in Washington this afternoon.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie remains under the microscope as new allegations swirl around the Trenton state house.

Lots of other politics news which we'll get to with some of our guests.

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