Pres Obama to Announce Major Spying Overhaul

Big news today on the government's intelligence collection on Americans and around the world. President Obama is announcing an overhaul of the collection of phone call data. The Associate Press reports the President will call for an end to NSA control of Americans' phone data. Reuters reporting he will soon require a judge to sign off before a massive data base of phone records is accessed by law enforcement or government agencies. Those are just some of the measures he's expected to announce today in a news conference during our show. Most believe the President won't propose sweeping changes despite public outcry over government spying.

1100EST -- POTUS delivers remarks on the outcomes of the Obama Admin's review of govt surveillance. Dept of Justice. LIVE

1230EST -- NSA veterans and whistleblowers hold a news conference on NSA surveillance. Speakers include Bill Binney, fmr technical dir of the NSA's World Geopolitical and Military Analysis Reporting Group and co-founder of the SIGINT 1/8Signals intelligence 3/8 Automation Research Center; Russ Tice, fmr NSA analyst and a source for the NY Times' pieces published in 2005 about NSA surveillance; and J. Kirk Wiebe, fmr senior analyst with the NSA's SIGINT Automation Research Center.

President Obama is expected to sign the $1.1 trillion spending bill passed by the Senate yesterday. The Tea Party was pushed aside in a bipartisan effort on the bill.

California is on high alert as tinder dry conditions and high winds plague parts of the state. 3,700 folks had to evacuate near the fire we showed you during "Happening Now" yesterday. 3 men were arrested after allegedly starting the fire with an illegal campfire. That fire is now 30% contained, but has destroyed several buildings including five homes. California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to declare a drought emergency in California later today.

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