Hearings Into; New WH Push on Signups

Lots going on today on the Hill.

Several hearings into the rollout and security of the Affordable Care Act and The top cyber-security expert for the department of Health and Human Services will testify. He says he expressed concerns about the security of the government website for signups ahead of the launch.

0900EST -- House Science, Space, & Technology Cmte holds hearing on " Consequences of Stolen Identity". Members will get an update from TrustedSEC LLC CEO David Kennedy, the "white hat hacker" who testified before the Committee in Nov.

0930EST -- House Oversight & Govt Reform Cmte holds hearing on "HHS' Own Security Concerns about". The hearing will focus on the internal concerns of info security experts at CMS & HHS consulted about the website's launch and what steps were taken to address those concerns.

0930EST -- House Energy & Commerce Subcmte on Oversight & Investigations hearing on "2014: Seeking PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) to examine what changes have been made since the launch of".

New ObamaCare ads featuring celebrities will also begin running today. The WH has said it's going to intensify a major push to get people to sign up.

We're continuing to digest that bombshell Senate Intel Cmte report on what happened in the Benghazi terror attack on Sept 11, 2012. It blames the State Dept for not being prepared and casts some blame on the murdered Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.

The Senate could vote as soon as today on a House-passed $1.1 trillion spending bill.

We get weekly jobless #'s today.

What a mess for the Air Force. 34 officers entrusted with the keys to some American nuke silos have been yanked from their jobs over a huge drug and cheating scandal.

VP Biden is attending the auto show in Detroit. Might make for a good live look.

There's been an arrest in that string of arson fires in San Jose, California.

We get Oscar nominations today.

The Egyptians have passed a new charter of government after a two-day election.

The Vatican got a grilling before the U.N. in Geneva today over the child abuse scandals that have been plaguing the church for years.

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-Clint Henderson

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