New NSA Revelations & Rule Changes; Obamacare Deadline Delay

The Hill reports another Obamacare deadline has been "extended." It reports the White House is extending the deadline for enrollment for people with pre-existing conditions. That news comes as we get new reporting on the problems many states are having with their own healthcare websites.

The New York Times reports on a early and huge surge of campaign spending by conservatives in competitive races across the country. They focus on the unpopular health care overhaul. And analysts say they're working.

House is expected to pass the $1.1 trillion spending bill today. So weird when government works in a bipartisan manner!

President Obama makes a big speech on the economy today in North Carolina at 1pm.

The President today is expected to endorse changes in the way Americans' phone records are being collected and handled.

The changes comes as we get news the NSA has implanted software in nearly 100,000 computers overseas. The New York Times also says the NSA can infiltrate computers even if they're not connected to the internet!

There are growing concerns over the use of drones by law enforcement in the U.S. and the spread of drones by private companies. Brave New World. We'll investigate.

Eric Shawn reporting on the bridge scandal story swirling around NJ Gov Chris Christie.

More than 40 are dead after a series of attacks in Iraq.

They found cocaine in plain view apparently when they searched for Justin Beiber's house yesterday during our show. The search warrant issued after a so-called "egging incident." Quelle Surprise! Adam Housley reports

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-Clint Henderson

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