New Enrollment #'s on Obamacare; Declassified Details on Benghazi

New Obamacare enrollments to talk about today.

The demographic breakdown of the new enrollees as released by the White House suggest trouble for the long-term financial health of the President's signature domestic achievement. Enrollees are older and sicker than the White House had hoped. Young adults makeup just 24% of total enrollment. Analysts say 40% is the goal. Still the Obama Administration says, "it's solid, solid news." Administration sources say more people will sign up in the months ahead.. and a huge advertising campaign targeting the young and healthy is underway.

We may have a budget deal! Negotiators from both sides of the aisle came up with the $1.1 trillion spending ibll that would fund the government through October. The GOP led House is expected to approve the deal today despite opposition from some in the Tea Party. It restores funding to the Pentagon and for highway projects.

James Rosen reporting on newly declassified documents that shed light on what happened in Benghazi on Sept 11, 2012. He examines what evidence the Pentagon got about the attack, when they got it, and what President Obama was told.

Jennifer Griffin reports on newly declassified documents also related to Benghazi that suggest the military was unprepared for any kind of military response to the attacks that left 4 Americans dead.

There are now two scandals engulfing the New Jersey Governor's Office as Gov Chris Christie preps for his state of the state address. Eric Shawn reports.

We get retail sales numbers today after a tough day for Wall Street yesterday. The Dow lost 1% yesterday for its fourth day in a row of losses.

Adam Housley reports on the arsonist police say is behind 13 fires in the San Jose region of California.

Folks in West Virginia are beginning to get the OK to use the tap water in their communities. The water ban for some 300,000 has been lifted, but many residents say they don't trust the water. Tap water was contaminated by a toxic chemical leak.

An argument over texting in a movie theater near Tampa, Florida led to a shooting. A retired police captain shot and killed a man after they argued over texting before the movie even started.

Some good news for Detroit. Several charitable foundations have teamed up to give $330 million to prevent the sale of Detroit's art collection to help pay for the burdensome pension obligations the city is struggling to carry.

Egyptian elections are tomorrow. Conor Powell reports.

President Obama is waging a major campaign to prevent the Senate from passing new sanctions on Iran as the White House struggles to get a deal over Iran's nuke program to stick.

Meantime, there are new questions about where the U.S. is putting its resources in the Middle East.

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