Obamacare Update; Gates Drama; Clinton's Naughty & Nice List?

Right now former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon is being laid to rest in Israel. VP Biden is there for the ceremonies to mark the passage of Sharon who'd been in a coma for years.

Some big politics stories to weave through the show.

New fallout from the botched rollout of Obamacare. The feds have ditched the company CGI Group which many blame for the slew of problems with the website. Accenture will replace CGI for more fixes to the site.. which is still having some problems.

A new book on the Clintons suggests the powerful former president and former secretary of state keep a list of so-called sinners and saints.. juicy.

The Senate could take up the extension of long-term unemployment benefits again today though a deal now appears unlikely, and you can blame politics for that. Mike Emanuel reports.

The Supreme Court is looking at presidential power today and specifically if Pres Obama has the authority to temporarily appoint nominees. Shannon Bream reports.

Carl Cameron reporting on the IRS attempts to limit the political activities of tax exempt organizations.

Doug McKelway reports on the growing fuss over income inequality.

A Southwest Airlines flight landed at the wrong airport. Whoops! The flight was supposed to land at Missouri's Branson Airport but landed at a nearby airport with a much shorter runway. It could have ended badly. An investigation is underway.

300,000 folks in West Virginia may be getting closer to having fresh water again. They've been without clean water for 5 days after a toxic chemical spill.

It's the second anniversary of the "Costa Concordia" shipwreck.

Six months now for a final deal with Iran over its nuclear program. Iran has agreed to limit uranium enrichment and open some of its sites to inspectors. President Obama has threatened to veto any attempt by the Senate (including Dems) to impose sanctions.

Pretty exciting night for Hollywood last night. The Golden Globes were awarded to "American Hustle", "12 Years a Slave," "Dallas Buyers Club," and the tv show "Breaking Bad." Julie Banderas wraps it up for us.

New study suggests caffeine helps memory! So drink a cup of coffee with us!

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