Chihuahua crashes car after taking joyride in Washington

A Spokane driver says she was stopped at a red light, headed home after a day's work, when a car came out of nowhere and bumped into her tire.

Tabitha Ormaechea (Orma-CHEYA) tells KREM-TV  that she looked up and saw no one in the other car, "just a little dog up on the steering wheel peeking over, looking at me."

She adds, "I didn't know if I was crazy, or if this little dog had taken a joyride."

KREM says Jason Martinez had left his car and his Chihuahua, Toby, for just a few minutes to go into a store when someone came running in, asking whether anyone had a gold car. That's when he discovered what Toby had been up to.

Martinez suggests his dog must have knocked the car out of gear and it began to roll.

The TV station says no one was hurt and damage was minimal in the early January accident.