California woman finds illegal distillery inside her garage

Police in California are investigating a woman’s home after she found something illegal brewing in her garage.

Davis police said the woman – who was not identified – called them to her home Saturday after she walked into her garage and found a distillery containing a pressure cooker, a coil of copper and a plastic tub of clear liquid, Fox 40 reports. Authorities suspect someone in the home was making illegal alcohol.

State laws that date back to the prohibition era ban people from making alcohol or moonshine in their home without the proper license.

Late California Sen. Alan Cranston helped legalize home brewing in the 1970s, but the home distilling process – which isolates the alcohol from beer or wine – is still illegal there. J.J. Jackson, a business owner who makes beer legally in California, told Fox 40 that the reason why is that vaporized alcohol is highly explosive.

Davis police are questioning at least one man linked to the distillery.

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