Pres Obama's Annus Horribilis Comes to a Close


Already at this hour, it's 2014 in parts of the world. By the time our show finishes airing, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and China and Thailand will be in the new year.

Obamacare remains a top story today. As we reported as breaking news yesterday, the official who was in charge of the botched rollout of, Michelle Snyder, is retiring.

The website is working better after months of glitches. The White House said this week more than a million people have signed up for insurance through the websites.

Millions of policies take effect tomorrow, but insurers are saying some enrollees won't be able to actually use those policies for days or even weeks due to the delays and glitches with the enrollment process.

The Wall Street Journal has a look at President Obama's second term. Here's a quote from the article:

President Barack Obama exits 2013 in the weakest political position of his presidency and now

faces a basic strategic choice: Does he try to recover by working with Republicans in Congress,

or by confronting them heading into next year's midterm elections?

We'll use that as a hook for one of our political guest segments.

Carl Cameron looks at the stakes in 2014 for the Senate.

The tax man cometh!

Some 55 tax breaks are expiring at the stroke of Midnight tonight. Elizabeth Prann reporting.

We get reads on consumer confidence and home prices which will hopefully confirm the economy is heating up.

Anita Vogel looking at power of women in the economy. Women have recovered all the jobs they lost in the recession. Men? Not so much.

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg leaves office today after 12 years as mayor of the nation's biggest city. He leaves on a high note. Violent crime down again this year and murder downs 20%.

Jonathan Hunt reporting on that ship that's still stuck in the ice of Antarctica.

Conor Powell reporting on the effort to get rid of all of Syria's chemical weapons.

Thousands of Russian police have flooded the city of Volgograd, Russia (formerly Stalingrad) where two suicide bombings killed 33 people. There are fears it could be the opening salvo in terrorism ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in February (just 400 miles from Volgograd).

A Muslim versus Christian civil war is tearing apart the Central African Republic. The airport has been shut down by chaos today.

-Clint Henderson

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