NEW Fox Polls Look to 2016! Obamacare Remains a Top Story

New FOX polling out today on the race for the White House (yes in 2016!) . No real surprises. Hillary Clinton leads the pack for the Democrats, and Christ Christie is front-runner for the Grand Old Party.

Obamacare remains a top story. New nuggets out today including the fight over the botched rollout of Now some states are withholding money from some of the tech firms who "helped" create the glitch-plagued websites.

There's also growing fears among some analysts about the folks who've signed up under the Affordable Care Act not being able to getting doctors to see them.

Some say the new plans will give them access to fewer doctors and hospitals. Think Medicaid coverage.

Meantime, there has been some good news for the White House including the huge, late surge in interest in We'll see if it translates to big signup numbers.

They are still trying to restore power to tens of thousands of folks in Michigan and the Northeast after those terrible ice storms last weekend. It's been slow going, but crews are making progress!

A big car bombing in Beirut today left more than 70 injured and five dead. Conor Powell reporting.

There's fresh protests in Egypt today. Greg Palkot reporting.

The Taliban claiming credit for a suicide car bombing that left 3 NATO troops dead in Kabul. Still no deal to keep U.S. troops there past 2013!

Iran says its developing new centrifuges.. not a great sign for the big breakthrough in negotiations. Ed Henry explains.

A super dry California dealing with another fire.

The rescue of a ship stranded in the Antarctica could happen today. 74 people trapped on a Russian ship in ice. Jonathan Hunt reporting.

Alica Acuna reporting on two airport security violations (neither terror related).

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- Clint Henderson

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