Obamacare Deadline Day

Today's the big deadline to sign up for health care coverage under Obamacare for coverage beginning January 1.

A series of changes, adds, and delays have left many confused.

It now appears despite a late surge in signups, there will be nowhere near the 3 million White House officials were hoping for. Instead, it looks like 1 million will sign up for coverage..

Unfortunately for the White House, the early numbers on who is signing up are not reassuring. Those signups skew older and poorer.

Fox team coverage of this deadline day ahead with Doug McKelway, Ed Henry and Peter Doocy.

Is the economy finally turning a corner? New numbers out this week, and last week's read on the GDP and a surge in the markets despite Fed beginning to turn off the easy credit spigot may be good signs. We'll ask a guest.

A strange mix of weather caused lots of troubles this weekend. Flights are getting back to normal today after thousands of cancellations and delays yesterday. It was snow and ice from the Upper Midwest to the far Northeast over the weekend that made such a mess. This as record high temps left cities like New York, Philadelphia and DC downright balmy just a few days before Christmas. 440,000 homes and businesses in upstate NY, MI, and northern New England were without power.

Gay weddings have been underway in the conservative state of Utah after the state's ban on same sex weddings was overturned by a federal judge who ruled the ban violated gay and lesbian's rights under the 14th amendment. Today a judge will hear a request from the state to block those weddings while they appeal Friday's decision.

Americans have been successfully evacuated from South Sudan where fighting continues to rage in the nation newly split from Sudan. Other foreigners are still being evacuated though, and the U.S. is reportedly involved in evacuations and safeguarding U.S. assets in the region. U.S. aircraft came under fire Saturday during evacs, and four U.S. soldiers were hurt. President Obama says more U.S. action may be forthcoming. More on this developing story with our friend J Peter Pham.

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