New Poll Trouble for ObamaCare & the White House

Obamacare remains out top story today.

President Obama is meeting with CEO's from leading technology firms about progress and problems with the Healthcare.Gov website.

New polling shows just how big a hit the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act has been for the White House.

The Washington Post-ABC News polls give Pres Obama the lowest approval of his presidency. Approval rates of both parties in Congress remain worse than Obama's, but the President's ratings are at fresh lows.

A majority of Americans also oppose the Affordable Care Act, think it's not working as it should, and are not isolated problems. Just 33% think it should proceed on schedule.

We get a key test vote today in the U.S. Senate where it looks like a budget deal passed by the House will get enough votes to get through. That test vote is at 10am.. and some Republican Senators have said they'll sign on.. even though there is partisan acrimony over use of the so-called "nuclear option" on President Obama nominations.

A federal judge ruled against the NSA over the spy agency's bulk collection of American's phone records. The judge, though, also allowed an appeal to go forward.

Police in England won't re-open the investigation into the death of Princess Diana saying there is "no credible evidence" British special forces were involved as some conspiracy theories allege.

Amanda Knox has emailed an Italian court declaring her innocence in the 2007 murder of her roommate. Knox is responding to a third trial. (The first convicted her, and a second freed her). She has no plans to return to Italy no matter the outcome.

Angela Merkel gets a third term as leader of Germany.. Europe's largest economy.. thanks to a parliamentary election.

Nearly 30% of Americans are expected to travel for Christmas and the holidays. AAA says 94.5 million will be traveling 50 miles or more.

The Mega Millions jackpot is now more than 586 million dollars.

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- Clint Henderson

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