Plethora of Problems Plague as Deadline Approaches

Obamacare remains our top story as we are now just a week a away from the enrollment deadline to sign up for coverage by January First.

It's an important milestone for the White House, but a plethora of problems to continue to plague the website on the front and back end and information for some enrollees isn't getting to the right places.

The New York Times today reporting over the weekend that insurers are saying the information provided by the website is faulty or isn't arriving at all. The WH says it's fixing those problems.. but time is running out.

A brand new poll by Associated Press and GfK shows Americans are blaming President Obama for negative changes in their coverage. Of those who have insurance, 69% believe their premiums will be going up. 59% say their annual deductibles or copayments are increasing.

Jim Angle reporting today on the expansion of Medicaid and the problems that brings.

The House-passed budget now facing key votes in the Senate this week. The budget deal needs at least five Republicans to sign off on it. Remember the Senate is in the midst of an ugly partisan fight over Obama nominees.

Keep an eye on financial markets today where the threat of the Feds turning off the easy money spigots could continue to haunt stocks which have had an otherwise banner year.

Surprising new research on the usefulness and safety of supplements. We'll talk to a panel of guests.

Two legendary actors passed away over the weekend: Peter O'Toole and Joan Fontaine.

Mega millions lottery jackpot could pass $550 million dollars! Get your tickets! Or don't. Bloop.

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-Clint Henderson

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