A Long Island boy, 6, who was born without part of his left arm, whispered a wish into Santa Claus’ ear during a recent visit: he would like prosthetic arm so he can finally play an Xbox One, MyFoxNY.com reports.

Insurance does not cover a prosthetic limb for Christopher Kiezek because it was determined that medically it is not necessary to his life. But Robert Jackson, a friend of the family, heard about the boy’s secret wish and started fundraising.

“I cried,” Jackson told the station, upon hearing the request. He hopes to raise $25,000 by Christmas. By Thursday afternoon, the fund was over $28,000.

Kiezek, who just recently started to take up fishing, however, took back his Christmas wish because he does not like the attention being paid to his disability.  His mom said he just wants to look like other boys his age.