New Poll #'s for Congress/Pres Obama; New HC #'s; Budget Deal!

There is a deal on the budget!

The House expected to vote today to on a two-year, bipartisan deal to fund the government through 2015. It restores some of the sequester cutbacks and cuts new pensions for fed workers and benefits for some military retirees. It will also raise airport fees, and does NOT include an extension of unemployment benefits.

Some conservatives and some progressives are unhappy with the deal, and its passage is not assured.

Senator Murray said "I am very proud to stand here today with Chairman Ryan to say that we have broken through the partisanship and gridlock and reached a bipartisan budget compromise."

We'll see if it can pass in both houses of Congress.

Big day on the Affordable Care Act.

We are expecting new health care enrollment numbers today.

HHS Secy Kathleen Sebelius, who's gotten many calls to step down over the botched rollout, is testifying before two separate committees on Healthcare.Gov.

1000EST -- House Energy and Commerce Health Subcmte holds hearing on "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Implementation Failures: What's Next?" HHS Secy Sebelius testifies. LIVE

1300EST -- House Small Business Cmte holds hearing on The Small Business Health Options Program, "Is It Working for Small Businesses?" CMS Deputy Admin & Dir Gary Cohen testifies. LIVE

A Quinnipiac polls finds the President's approval ratings have eroded even further with just 37% approval. That's a new low in his Presidency from Quinnipiac. Democrats as a whole also being dragged down.

In a new NBC News/WSJ poll, disapproval of Mr. Obama's job performance hit an all-time high of 54% - due, in part, to the flawed rollout of the health law.

Another new poll from GfK and Associated Press finds nearly two-thirds say they would like to see their Congress member kicked out of office. 58% disapprove of the job President Obama is doing.

Democrats used new Senate rules Tuesday to confirm one of President Obama's picks to serve on a key federal court and another to lead a federal housing agency. They are the first confirmations under the so-called "nuclear option."

Government regulators passed the "Volcker rule" yesterday in an effort to prevent another financial meltdown like that in 2008. It prevents big investment banks from using deposits to make risky trades.

A nine-hour standoff with police in Kiev, Ukraine ended when police withdrew in the face to tens of thousands of anti-government protesters. Riot police had moved in to try to take back the streets after weeks of anti-Russia alignment protests. But police have abandoned those efforts.

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