It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.. In Some Parts of the Country

Nelson Mandela who rose from jailed activist to President of South Africa died at the age of 95. South Africa and the world are mourning.

A Canadian Arctic front has moved into the U.S. brining frigid temperatures and huge storms. It's 25 below zero in parts of the Dakotas and Montana, two feet of snow in parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin, and freeze warnings to Texas and California (goodbye Citrus crop?). Meanwhile, it's downright balmy here in the Big Apple!

The weather is affecting travelers and schools too.

Mike Emanuel reporting on the rush to get a budget together in Congress.

We get jobs numbers today for the month of November. It comes on the heels of a string of positive signals on the economy. The markets have had the first bad week in nine. Some analysts say investors think all the good economic news may lead to the Feds easing the low interest rates that have fueled recent gains.

We're also continuing to watch The site has improved, but the focus has moved to the back-end.. the information insurers and doctors are states are getting. Some people who thought they enrolled may be in a for a nasty surprise when they go to their doctors.

We also have two guests who say the idea of a big doctor shortage under Obamacare is a myth.

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- Clint Henderson

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