Family outraged after fallen veteran's photo used in fake Facebook page, dating site profiles

An undated photo of fallen Staff Sgt. Michael Pucino.

An undated photo of fallen Staff Sgt. Michael Pucino.  (

The family of a fallen war veteran is outraged after his photo surfaced on a fake Facebook account and a dating website profile.

Army Staff Sgt. Matthew Pucino, of Bourne, Mass., who completed three tours of duty in Iraq, was killed in 2009 while on combat patrol in Afghanistan, reports.

Pucino's family recently discovered that his image was used to create a fake Facebook page, claiming to be someone living in Dallas.

"I was about coming out of my skin. I don't even know how to describe it. I mean, the anger, it was hard to sleep that night. I was so furious that someone would disrespect his name and pose as Matthew, he's a fallen hero," said his sister, Lisa Haglof.

A photo of Pucino with his two sisters taken off the Matthew A. Pucino Memorial Foundation’s website, which was established by his family after his death, was also used for a fake profile on an online dating service, reports.

It is not clear who used the photos, but the family has asked Facebook to take the page down. Facebook said it expected to have the page removed by Thursday.

"He died for this country; he died for everyone in it. Let him rest in peace," Haglof said.

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