Bias incidents at Vassar College reportedly a hoax


Reported incidents of bias against transgender students and others at Vassar College may have been a hoax perpetuated by a leader in the student government, Fox News’ Trace Gallagher reported Wednesday on "The Kelly File."

The New York liberal arts college had been hit with a rash of bias incidents, with six being reported in a three month span by the school’s “Bias Incident Response Team,” which the school created as part of its Campus Life and Diversity Office.

The incidents included hateful messages against transgender and African-American students spray-painted on school buildings. The school was so troubled by the incidents the Dean of College Life sent out a campus email, condemning the vandalism as “unacceptable.”

The dean then sent out another email, claiming the two students responsible for the incidents had been caught by members of the “Bias Incident Response Team.”

However, as Gallagher reported, the dean reportedly neglected to mention one of those responsible was a member of the “Bias Incident Response Team,” and was the school’s vice president of student life.  The student is also transgender.

Both students reportedly quit the school after the incident. Vassar declined to comment to Fox News, saying “it is a privacy matter.”

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