Pres. Obama to Talk About Affordable Care Act from WH

Lots of health care news today.

President Obama holding a live event at the White House today and will make remarks on the Affordable Care Act.

The President expected to sing the praises of fixes made to the website.

But there's been decidedly mixed results with consumers trying to enroll online. Clearly the site is working better, but as Peter Doocy proved on our air yesterday, many problems remain.

William La Jeunesse on the so-called young invincibles (healthy 25-35 year olds) that Obamacare needs to sign up in order the flourish.

Jim Angle reports on a possible health care coverage gap.

Shannon Bream reports on the growing power of the IRS under Obamacare.

That train that derailed in New York City was traveling 82-miles-an hour in a 30 mile-an-hour zone. 4 died. Rick Leventhal reports.

The judge in the Detroit bankruptcy rules today. Mike Tobin reporting.

VP Biden continues his tour of Japan. The Vice President says the U.S. is "deeply concerned" about recent aggressive military moves by the Chinese especially the expansion of an air defense zone over disputed islands.

James Rosen reports on the progress of Iran's nuclear program.

Mike Emanuel reporting on the fact that both houses of Congress will be in session for just five days this whole month.

Catherine Herridge reporting on the scourge of 3-D weapons.

Gruesome shark attack on a kayaker in Hawaii. A shark bit off at least one of his feet and ankles and he bled to death.

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-Clint Henderson

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