A Utah high school is under fire after its star quarterback told reporters during a post-game interview that he took big hits on the field and could not remember the last play, KUTV.com reported.

Britain Covey, the Timpview High School quarterback, was addressing a scrum of reporters after winning the championship on Friday and said, "I don't even remember who scored on that last drive.  I think it was me, but....uh...so, I took some big hits, but it was all worth it. Unless I have permanent brain damage, which I'm really praying not...not to have."

The report said the issue is under investigation by the Provo City School District. It is unclear if Covey alerted coaches about his fears, but if he did, there could be disciplinary action.


The 5-foot, 10-inch tall quarterback is small for the position, but a teammate told The Deseret News his "heart in there is unreal."  He took a 9-yard run in for the game-winning touchdown. However, he could not remember the play. The report pointed out "some bone-jarring hits" he absorbed during the first half of the game against rival, East.

Cary Whittingham, his coach, told The Deseret News that he was concerned about the hits Covey took and asked the player's father to "come down and talk to him." They were assured the boy was fine, the report said.

"He's a competitor," Whittingham told the paper. "Anything and everything we could ask of him, he did. He literally commanded that offense, like a field general doing everything the coaches wanted him to do. He made very few mistakes, being real smart, being real athletic and doing it all."

Covey’s family declined to comment to KUTV.com on whether he received medical attention or to confirm that he has a concussion.

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