Travel Nightmare for Turkey Day?

It's shaping up as a travel nightmare for big chunks of the country this week.

A massive storm system from the West leading to Winter storm warnings up through tomorrow afternoon for big chunks of the Eastern United States. The storm has already killed 11, and could dump heavy rains and strong winds in huge swaths of the nation. Airports could cancel flights up and down the East Coast.. and snow is also in the forecast for inland areas.

We're watching the weather.

It's also coming up on the busiest travel day of the year (Wednesday). Casey Stegall on the sticker shock price of travel. Steve Centanni on the potential travel delays from Reagan National Airport.

President Obama continues his fundraising and policy push in California today with a fundraising visit during our show at a private home at Noon. Later the President will do a tour of DreamWorks.. at the studio of movie producer Jeffrey Katzenberg. This afternoon, President Obama makes remarks on the economy the DreamWorks studio in Glendale, CA.

Claudia Cowan reporting on the attempts to build a better health care website. Check out

Rick Leventhal reporting on the legalization of online gambling from Atlantic City.

Catherine Herridge reporting on a new push for declassification of documents related to Usama bin Laden.

Reaction continues to pour in on the deal reached with Iran and world powers to delay Iran's nuke program. Most of the reaction seems to be negative. We've got a couple of good guests to chime in on that.

France is sending 1000 troops to the Central African Republic.. its former colony which has devolved into civil war and anarchy. The African nation is among the poorest in the world, and there are reports of atrocities.

The world's oldest Buddhist shrine may have been found in Nepal. Archaeologists believe they found pieces of a wooden structure dating to the sixth century BC at a temple site where Buddha is thought to have been born.

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-Clint Henderson

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