President Obama's Immigration Push; Storm Set to Make Thanksgiving a Travel Mess

President Obama making a big push on immigration today. He's traveling to San Francisco for the speech, and then he's doing some fundraising.

It comes after a deal with Iran was announced over the weekend. The deal would ease some sanctions on Iran in exchange for a scale-back of Iran's nuclear program. President Obama called it "an important first step toward a comprehensive solution." Critics (on the right and left) had a much different take.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netenyahu called it an "historic mistake."

Lawmakers in DC are making backup plans in case the deal falls apart including even tougher sanctions.

New fallout over Obamacare today.

Washington Post reports on the burden the beleaguered IRS has with its Obamacare enforcement role.

Wall Street Journal reports on the costs from Obamacare being passed on to workers.

Mike Emanuel reports on the return of the Independent Payment Advisory Board which critics call "death panels."

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is holding another field hearing on Obamacare impacts.. this one in Georgia. Carl Cameron reports.

William La Jeunesse reporting on the heavy price smokers will pay for insurance.

A big storm is making a mess in Texas and Oklahoma and it could arrive on the East Coast just in time for some of the busiest travel days in America. The storm has killed 8 already bringing heavy rain and snow. 300 flights at Dallas-Fort Worth Int'l Airport were cancelled.

Phil Keating is reporting on the skyrocketing cost of flood insurance.

A horrific what-looks-like attempted suicide at the Oakland Coliseum in California. A woman jumped from a third level deck. A man who tried to catch her was also hurt.

-Clint Henderson

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