A seasonal ferry worker from Cape Cod who gets his walking papers at the end of every tourist season told MyFoxBoston.com that he received an unemployment payment from the state for about 10 times the normal amount and has been running in circles trying to get an agency to take the money back.

"I've called probably eight or 10 different numbers. I once got a hold of a woman and I told them my story and she said to me, ‘Oh my God.' Then she said, ‘Well that's way above my pay grade to deal with'… It just went nowhere," he said. "It's wicked frustrating."

The man, who asked not to be identified because he will be returning the money, normally receives about $117 each week. However, the state Department of Unemployment Assistance sent him $11,397. 

Last year, the same worker appeared to have similar issues when he received three separate checks each more than $900, none of which he should have received, the report said.

"Nobody seems to know about this check or what should be done with it," he said. He said he tore the incorrect checks up. A woman from the agency called him and told him that if he gets another check, "Just cash it."

The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance has been plagued with errors thanks to a $46 million computer upgrade that went into effect July 1, two years late.

Michelle Amante, director of the Department of Unemployment Assistance, said the state has been upfront about the problems but insisted "The system is working for the vast majority of our claimants."

"I can't specifically talk about any claimant but if that is a problem we'll work to address it right away," Amante said.

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