New Testimony on Obamacare; Devastating News for WH in New Polls

Obamacare returns to the front page with a vengeance today.

New internal emails released from a Congressional oversight committee suggest IT leaders inside the White House knew there were deep flaws with with one official comparing it to a potential plane crash. Mike Emanuel reporting.

There's also another health care hearing on the Hill today . We'll monitor for fireworks.

1000EST -- House Science, Space, and Technology Cmte hearing on "Is My Data on Secure?" Crowd Sourced Investigations LLS CEO Morgan Wright, SMU distinguished chair in cyber security Fred Chang, Johns Hopkins Univ's Info Security Insitute technical dir Avi Rubin, and TrustedSEC, LLC CEO David Kennedy testify. LIVE

New polling by the Washington Post and ABC News suggest the President is in deep political trouble.

It shows the President with the lowest numbers of his presidency with falling numbers not only in approval but it some of the President's personal characteristics.

The numbers on the new health care law are also terrible. 57% now opposed to the Affordable Care Act.

Today President Obama meets with a bipartisan group of Senators at the White House. The agenda is focused on Iran, but other subjects including health care are likely to be discussed. We'll have a stakeout for any comments.

1045EST -- POTUS meets with bipartisan group of Sens to discuss Iran. Roosevelt Room. CLOSED

On the subject of Iran, new reports suggest deepening rifts inside Iran over negotiating with the world over their nuclear programs..

And there are increasing signs of strains between the U.S. and Israel over those same talks.

A series of bombs exploded at the Iranian embassy in Beirut today. At least 23 are dead and another 146 injured. Iran's cultural attaché is among those killed. Sunni extremists are thought to be carrying out terror inside Lebanon over Hezbollah's role in the Syrian civil war.

The cleanup continues in the Midwest after a series of twisters tore through 12 states. In Washington, IL alone more than 500 homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed. Eight people were killed.

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