Wednesday November 13, 2013 Happening Now - Obamacare Sickness: Congress Takes A Look

The Affordable Care Act central to our coverage again today. The White House now acknowledging the website may not be fixed by the end of November as previously said.

There are two hearings on the Hill today on the problems with Obamacare. Among those testifying is Todd Park who is key to the website.

0930EST -- House Oversight and Govt Reform Cmte hearing on "ObamaCare Implementation: The Rollout of"

1000EST -- House Homeland Security Cmte hearing on "Cyber Side-Effects: How Secure is the Personal Info Entered into the Flawed"

Mike Emanuel, Peter Doocy, Jim Angle and Wendell Goler reporting.

Gay marriage expected to become law today in Hawaii. The Hawaiian state Senate approved the measure yesterday, and the governor says he will sign it into law probably today.

Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to ask lawmakers behind closed doors on the Hill today to stop pursuing tougher sanctions against Iran while the State Department continues to pursue diplomacy.

There is another hearing on Iran that we will have access to that begins at 10am. We'll monitor for sound.

1000EST -- House Foreign Affairs Cmte hearing on "Examining Nuclear Negotiations: Iran After Rouhani's First 100 Days." United Against Nuclear IRan CEO Mark Wallace and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies exec dir Mark Dubowitz testify. LIVE

The situation in the Philippines going from bad to worse. 8 were killed today after crowds stormed a warehouse in the nearly destroyed city of Tacloban knocking down the wall on top of the people. People are desperate for food and water after one of the biggest storms in world history smashed through the Philippine Islands. David Piper, Dan Springer, and William La Jeunesse reporting.

Horrific violence continues to plague Iraq. We'll try to keep it in the mix.

Relatives of people they say were killed by Whitey Bulger will be speaking in a Boston courtroom today. His sentencing begins today. Molly Line reporting and our legal panel weighs in too.

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