Just 40,000 Sign Ups So Far for Obamacare?

Surprising numbers out on Obamacare. The Wall Street Journal reporting just 40,000 have been able to sign up under the federal-run exchanges. has been plagued with software and hardware glitches since it launched on October first. According to reports, the White House had expected some half million to have been signed up by now. Official numbers are supposed to be released later this week. The 40,000, however, does NOT include the 440,000 who have signed up under the expanded Medicaid program. The White House is counting on many more folks signing up to balance those new Medicaid enrollees.

Mike Emanuel reports today on new budget conference negotiations hoping to find common ground between Democrats and Republicans who shut the government down just six weeks ago.

Today we find out if the new One World Trade Center is really 1776 feet tall, and if it's the country's tallest building. There is simultaneous news conferences in NYC and Chicago. Rick Leventhal reporting.

1100EST -- The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat holds simultaneous press conferences to announce the determination of its Height Cmte with respect to the architectural height of One World Trade Center, New York. IL Institute of Technology Tower, Chicago, IL and NBBJ Inc., New York City. BOTH LIVE via LiveU

Accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev is scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court today. Molly Line reporting.

10,000 or more or dead from that mega-storm Typhoon Haiyan that tore through the Philippines. Millions will need food and medical aid. David Piper, William La Jeunesse and David Piper will file reports. reporter Jana Winter is in court today asking a New York State Court of Appeals to protect her from having to appear in Colorado and potentially reveal her confidential sources in the Aurora movie theater massacre. David Lee Miller is reporting from Albany, and we'll talk to Judy Miller about her own ordeal when it came to revealing sources.

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