New ObamaCare Drama; Economy Stumbling?; Twitter IPO!

More bad news for the President's Affordable Care Act.

New reporting from Bloomberg suggests testing done one day before the rollout of the health care exchanges on October first showed the system crashed if more than 1,100 people tried to use it at the same time. That's according to Quality Software Services in documents released by the House Oversight Committee.

This as we continue to investigate suggestions by a health care expert in a " Daily Caller," article that up to 129 million folks could lose their insurance once Obamacare is fully implemented. (that doesn't mean they'll lose insurance.. they'll just have to buy other plans) The author of that piece will join us.

A little reported study by Kaiser, meantime, has better news for the White House. It suggests as many as 29 million people could use the health care exchanges to buy insurance. It also says approximately 17 million will be eligible for government subsidies. The numbers don't even include those that might get coverage via Medicare expansion. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that 7 million will enroll in the new exchanges in 2014.

We also get new reads on the economy today including weekly jobless claims and third quarter gross domestic product numbers. Analysts are expecting the economy grew just 2% in the third quarter hurt in part by the government shutdown and sequestration.

The U.S. Senate could vote today to make it illegal for employers in the United States to discriminate against gay, bisexual and transgender workers. The House will not take up the measure, though, so full passage is not likely.

1000EST - The Senate convenes and resumes consideration of S.815, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

1200EST -- Senate Majority Ldr Reid and Sens. Durbin, Schumer, Murray, Harkin, Merkley and Baldwin, holds press conference on the Employment Non Discrimination Act. LIVE

Adam Housley has some fresh reporting on Benghazi.

A new study suggests men being treated with Testosterone replacement therapies could be at higher risk of heart issues. A panel of doctors weighs in.

Twitter holds in initial public offering (IPO) of stock this morning. The shares are expected to begin trading at $26/share putting the value of Twitter at about $18 billion.

Funny moments at the Country Music Awards last night. We'll have Julie Banderas give us the details.

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