Wednesday November 6, 2013 Happening Now - 2013 Election Analysis; Sebelius Gets a Grilling on the Hill.. Again

The 2013 election is history. The off-year races had a couple of big results to talk about.

In Virginia, Democrats won three statewide races. Terry McAuliffe is the new Governor.. with a narrow victory (much more narrow than expected).

In New Jersey Governor Chris Christie easily won reelection setting off speculation about 2016 and the race for the White House.

In Alabama, a Tea Party candidate lost to a more mainstream Republican.

Detroit elected its first white mayor since 1973 - a Republican.

New York City has its first Democrat in decades.. Bill de Blasio easily won.

Carl Cameron and Doug McKelway reporting.

The other big story today is Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' return to testify before the Senate Finance Committee. She's expected to get tough questions from both sides of the aisle on the botched rollout of the health care exchanges.

Mike Emanuel reporting and we'll have analysis from Juan Williams, Jonah Goldberg, Larry Sabato and Charlie Hurt.

1000EST -- HHS Secy Sebelius testifies in her second Congressional hearing in front of the Senate Finance Cmte to give an update on health insurance exchanges and issues with implementation. LIVE & LIVE STAKEOUT

We also have Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia to react to the Sebelius hearing and he is expected to break some news.

President Obama heads to Texas where he'll promote Obamacare. Texas has the highest rate of the uninsured in the country and the governor Rick Perry has rejected expanded Medicare funding. Casey Stegall reporting.

Secretary of State John Kerry meeting with Israeli PM Benjamin Netenyahu today.

We also have updates on the Aaron Hernandez case, MacNeil murder trial, the Skakel case, and the Dolphins bullying case.

Two Sumatran tiger cubs make their debut at the Washington Zoo today at Noon. We'll bring you some pictures.

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- Clint Henderson

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