November 4, 2013 Happening Now - Just Another Manic Monday

New reporting on the so-far abysmal rollout of Obamacare. New reporting on cancelled policies, jumping premiums, people losing their doctors, and the list goes on.

Peter Doocy reporting.

We'll also talk about all the news made on the Sunday shows on Obamacare including the lashing some Obama Administration officials and former officials are taking over the rollout, and what the President said to sell the program.

The shooting suspect in the attack on the TSA (and travelers) at L.A.X. that broke first on "Happening Now" is under armed guard as he recovers from four bullet wounds. Police say he took a rifle from a bag before a screening station at an airport terminal. He is accused of killing a TSA officer and wounding three others. We'll talk to an eye-witness and to a security expert about protecting the area before screenings at airports.

Adam Housley reporting.

Thousands of Iranians are protesting outside the former U.S. embassy in Tehran today. It's the biggest anti-American rally in years.. and comes in response to an outreach to the U.S. by President Hassan Rouhani.

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Saudi Arabia meeting with King Abdullah today before heading to Poland. Saudi Arabia has been distancing itself from the U.S. over the slight melting of relations between Iran and the U.S., the American handling of the Syrian civil war, and over Egypt. Kerry may be trying to do some fence-mending.

Booted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was in court today in Cairo today for inciting violence and murder. He defiantly said he refused to be tried by the court and he was the legitimate ruler of Egypt. The trial has been adjourned until January 8th.

Former Pakstani President Pervez Musharraf has been granted bail which means his six months of house-arrest may come to an end. He still can't leave the country - currently ruled by Nawaz Sharif.

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