Friday November 1, 2013 Happening Now - Disturbing Developments in Rollout of Obamacare

New reporting today on the rollout of Obamacare exchanges. New documents have come to light suggesting enrollments got off to a slow start. In fact, according to internal White House notes, just six people were able to sign up by the end of the first day. Of course, this was just the day after the websites launched, and came with massive technical problems. Still, the low numbers must be alarming to the White House.

Apparently by the end of Wednesday only about 250 had been able to sign up. To be considered a success, Obamacare needs about 39,000 enrollees every day to meet the goal of 7 million by March 1st.

Among the problems with enrollment?

Direct insurance company website enrollment was not working. Credit check information was not working. Important phone numbers weren't showing up. Computer crashes. Loading errors. The list goes on.

The numbers also show the White House does indeed know enrollment figures.

The administration continues to say the early numbers are deceiving, and pointing to Massachusetts where state-wide signups took months.. even years... to get the wrinkles out.

But the pressure continues to intensify for the White House.

Republican Congressman Darrell Issa of California sits on the Oversight Committee which was responsible for the new documents coming to light. Issa is our guest today.

We also could get an interview with WH spokesman Jay Carney. Stand by for news on that.

Meantime, the FOX Brainroom tells us there are no estimates out yet on how much it will cost to fix the ACA website.

Jeffrey Zients, who is managing the website fixes, says the website will be running smoothly by the end of November. We'll see. I did a quick search of today. I was unable to sign up or compare plans in New York due to "site maintenance until 8am", but that was the same message I got at approximately Noon yesterday. I was able to compare plans in CA, MT and KS both yesterday and today.

Mike Emanuel reporting on Democrats turning against the President on the Affordable Care Act.

Jim Angle reporting on the availability of networks and coverage under ACA.

John Roberts reporting on the experiences of three families.

Food stamp benefits set to end today for more than 47 million Americans. A family of 4 getting food stamps will lose $36/month. Congress is negotiating further cuts to the food program.

A federal appeals court in Texas has reinstated a law that allows tough new restrictions on abortion to take effect immediately.

Iraq's Prime Minister expected to ask President Obama today for more help fighting a resurgence of terrorism in Iraq.

There are growing calls for the mayor of Toronto to resign. Police say they have a video of the mayor smoking crack.

Alicia Acuna is reporting on the dramatic latest developments in the trial of Utah Doctor Martin MacNeill. He's accused of killing his wife in 2007. His own daughters testifying against him.

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