Scary New Poll #'s for WH & GOP

President Obama set to give a big speech on the economy today as we get weekly jobless numbers, and digest news from yesterday. Pending home sales fell more than five and a half percent. We also got news that employers added just 148,000 jobs in September. It *may* suggest a slowing economy (no doubt hurt by the shutdown as well).

Wendell Goler and Ed Henry reporting.

We're still digesting the testimony of HHS Secy Kathleen Sebelius on the Hill yesterday. She got grilled over the botched rollout of the health care exchanges and the news that millions are being dropped by their health insurance providers. Most analysts say she did a decent job considering what she's trying to sell.

Still, many are demanding the HHS Secretary resign.

President Obama, meantime launched a big defense of Obamacare last night at Faneuil Hall in Boston (where Mitt Romney signed HC legislation in MA back in 2006). The President said he was unhappy about the problems Americans have had signing up, but said the MA program faced technical issues when it first went live too.

Today is the day lawmakers need to decide whether or not to exempt their employees from Obamacare. Mike Emanuel reporting.

William La Jeunesse is reporting on the growth of "concierge care" medicine. Sometimes called "boutique" medical practice. It brings VIP service to health care, but comes with a hefty price tag.

Meantime new polling data shows the President's popularity has taken another hit. The Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows President Obama hitting just 42% approval - that's a record low for the President. His disapproval now at another record - 51%.

The news is even worse for Congressional Republicans. Angela McGlowan breaks it down for us.

The Senate holding two hearings today. One focuses on the Navy Yard Shooting - Another focuses on Syria.

Associated Press is reporting Syria has reached a major milestone in its pledge to end its chemical weapons program. It quotes officials saying Syria has completed destruction of critical equipment for making weapons of mass destruction. Meantime, more than 115,000 people have been killed in the civil war ravaging Syria.

Damning new revelations today about the extent of U.S. spying programs around the world. Today there is new reporting that the U.S. has been snooping on Asia and Australia via the U.S. embassies overseas. It will add more fuel to the fire.

This as the Washington Post reports the NSA has stolen data from the main data centers of Yahoo, Google and others. This means, according The Post, the NSA swept up emails and other communications and files of millions of people including many Americans. We'll go in-depth on this today.

The Supreme Court could be taking a look at the NSA spying programs, and whether the surveillance programs have gone too far. Shannon Bream reports.

The Iraqi PM is in the U.S. asking for help from America to combat the resurgence of Al Qaeda in Iraq that has left thousands dead.

A major drug tunnel has been discovered connecting San Diego and Tijuana.

The Red Sox won the World Series at Fenway Park for the first time since 1918. It's their 3rd win in 10 years.

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